Boyhood meets Billy Elliot

Described as “Boyhood meets Billy Elliot”, the film 'Step by Step' is an inspiring and powerfully positive story of London’s black and ethnic community living in the heart of the Portobello Road in North Kensington. For the past fourteen years, award-winning filmmaker Ciarín Scott has been developing an in-depth feature length documentary focusing on the work of unsung hero Mark Elie and his dance school, Portobello Dance, in Notting Hill and the ever changing face of the neighbourhood.

Step by Step is a powerful, positive & warmly human film.
The kind of film that we are trying to make - non-exploitative, positive and humane - is not generally in favour in mainstream television at the moment, and we don't want to water down the story or to create fake ‘conflict’ in the cheap pursuit of ratings.  So we are crowd-funding so that we can make this film for theatrical and festival release and get it to the audience that wants to see positive and powerful stories of human decency.

We are crowdfunding to complete this hugely inspiring film for both national and international theatrical and festival release in order to reach audiences that want - and very much need- to see positive and powerful stories of hope and dreams manifesting.