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Described as “Boyhood meets Billy Elliot”, the film Step by Step is an inspiring and powerfully positive story of a community living in the heart of the Portobello Road in London's Notting Hill.

For the past fourteen years, award-winning filmmaker Ciarín Scott has been developing an in-depth feature length documentary focusing on the work of unsung hero Mark Elie and his dance school, Portobello Dance, and the ever changing face of the local neighbourhood.

Mark has devoted his life to black British dance, inspiring generation after generation to become role models. The film chronicles the work of Mark with his students, notably three unforgettable students, all of whom have gone on to have professional dance careers notably with Ballet Rambert and West End musical Dream Girls.


Step by Step is an inspiring film about the work of British dance hero Mark Elie and his London dance school Portobello Dance. A story of hope and dreams coming true, a story of rising against the odds life can cruelly throw at us.

Step by Step is a powerful, positive and warmly human film. The kind of film that we are trying to make - non-exploitative, positive and humane - is not generally in favour in mainstream television at the moment, and we don't want to water down the story or to create fake ‘conflict’ in the cheap pursuit of ratings.  So we are crowd-funding so that we can make this film for theatrical and festival release and get it to the audience that wants to see positive and powerful stories of human decency.

We are crowdfunding to complete this hugely inspiring film for both national and international theatrical and festival release in order to reach audiences that want - and very much need- to see positive and powerful stories of hope and dreams manifesting.

Mark Elie and some of his students at the Portobello Dance School

Mark Elie and some of his students at the Portobello Dance School


Why We Need Your Support

Your funding will help us bring this film to a reality – it will pay for the digitisation of a staggering fourteen years worth of footage shot by Ciarín Scott & her team, a labour of love, and it will also pay for the editing of that footage by an award-winning editor into a powerful feature documentary spanning years of hard work, to bring Step by Step to an international audience. 

Only you can help us ultimately give this film a chance to make positive changes in this world. 

The film has already been partly funded by the Irish Film Board – but without further finance, we cannot complete this moving story of hope and triumph without you. 

We know not everyone can afford to financially back us but you still might want to help - by sharing this campaign and posting this to your social media page  or even going old school and telling a friend you will be part of the team that makes this happen. 

Perks for supporting Step by Step


€20 EUR - Credit Where Credit Is Due

See your name on the screen credits. Blink and you'll miss it but you will also find your name on our website.

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€30 eur - Digital Download

A digital download of the finished film. You will receive a unique code to download your very own copy of Step by Step. And you can give yourself a big pat on the back for helping us get there.

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€50 eur - two digital downloads

Chip in and and treat yourself and a friend. Pledge and you can share a copy of the film with someone special. We will send you a unique code and share the love.


€60 eur - the director's cut

Exclusive behind the scenes footage from the director. Includes the feature film and unseen footage filmed over the last fourteen years.

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€100 eur - Early bird print

A beautiful black and white limited edition photographic print of Kym. Signed and numbered 1 of 150. Once they are gone they are gone.



A limited edition of 250 prints signed and numbered. You will receive a beautiful hand print of Kym. Kym trained at Portobello Dance and she is now a professional dancer with Ballet Rambert.

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€250 EUR - pRIVATE dance Lesson

You and a friend will attend a private dance lesson of your choice. The class will be taken by one of the principles from Portobello Dance - so pack your dancing shoes.


€5,000 eur - producer

You will join our award winning team as one of our credited Producers. Your support will help us cross the finishing line after fourteen years. You will be a VIP guest at the films premier.

Perks are estimated to be available December 2018
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