About Us


The Atlantic Film Alliance is an independent film company based in Dublin which produces innovative and accessible documentary films. We make films about subjects that would otherwise not get made and that bring a unique perspective on the subject, be it a person, place or idea. We seek out unsung heroes and we empower the viewer to form his or her own opinion.  These films are about people who do extraordinary things against all odds.


Ciarín Scott

The company is led by Ciarín Scott, a multi-award-winning writer, director and producer, whose career has encompassed arts and entertainment documentaries, commercials and features.  She started her career in London editing documentaries and commercials, then directed many corporate films and over 50 award-winning commercials for Irish TV, with clients including Unilever, ICI and Guinness, before taking a sabbatical to write and develop screenplays.

On her return she has directed documentaries including 'In A House That Ceased To Be', winning the 2015 Irish Film and Television George Morrison Best Feature Documentary.

Ciarín is a member of The Irish Film and Television Academy, The Screen Directors’ Guild of Ireland, and The Irish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild.