In A House That Ceased To Be

In A House That Ceased To Be

★★★★ Irish Times

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Beautiful, tender and raw…it will be amongst 2015’s finest films…brilliant
— Scannain
Painful and provocative yet redemptive
— Her Family

In A House That Ceased To Be

This critically acclaimed, award winning feature documentary follows the Irish humanitarian and children’s rights activist Christina Noble, whose unwavering commitment and selfless efforts have seen her better the lives of countless children since 1989.

Christina’s drive stems from a childhood in Ireland fraught with poverty, loss and institutional abuse. Despite achieving so much in the face of adversity, she remains scarred by the memory of the children she was unable to save: her own brother and two sisters, who she was separated from at a very young age.

This powerful piece of film-making is a mesmerising meditation on the nature of good and evil, and celebrates the triumph of the human spirit. Hundreds of thousands have benefited from Christina’s fearless dedication but is it possible for her to put her own family back together after fifty-three years?

The film was awarded the 2015 Irish Film & Television Academy George Morrison Feature Documentary Award. It is distributed throughout Ireland and the UK by Element Pictures.


Ciarín Scott is a brilliant and caring director who looks into things deeply and checks her facts are 100% right. I think she’s an amazing woman of integrity, dignity & strength with a very creative mind
— Christina Noble, OBE, Founder of the Christina Noble Children's Foundation

Miriam O'Callaghan presents the George Morrison Feature Documentary IFTA Award to In A House That Ceased To Be director Ciarín Scott and her team; Paul Duane (producer), Tony Cranstoun (editor) and Steve O'Reilly (DoP).